An introduction on Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the precious stones that have been known in Iran from the ancient times. According to the inscription on Great Dariush palace in Shush, it can be deciphered that turquoise has been called as “Ehsa’een” and it has been sent from Kharazm for ornamentations used in the palace.

Turquoise is the wish stone for all kings from Cyrus and Dariush time, that has been given to all the kings as a present.

The characteristics of a high quality turquoise

High-quality Turquoise is dark bluish-green in color, has a Chinese gloss and is highly strong and durable.

Recognition of turquoise’ value

In case that the amount of copper contained in this mineral stone will be high, it turns to blue and if it contains a high amount of iron, it turns into green and if it contains high amount of Aluminum, it turns to white.

Countries exporting turquoise

Iran, the USA, Egypt and Afghanistan have the several mines of turquoise.

Iran, which has  the best and the most expensive kind of turquoise in the world in terms of age and quality. The most popular kind of turquoise in Iran is for Neyshabur which has been extracted from 2000 years ago. The mine for this turquoise is somewhere in the vicinity of “Ma’danNeishabour” village. Ajami and Shajari Turquoise are among the highest quality turquoises in Iran in terms of color, motif and quality.


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