Handmade carpet

The Iranian handmade carpet is recognized as a symbol of Iranian originality and art throughout the world and has many fans around the world, with about one-third of the world's hand-woven carpets being woven in Iran. Persian handmade carpet is due to variety in the tasteful style of any kind.Also, its high quality is one of the hallmarks of Iranian handmade carpets, and as a result, old handmade carpets that have remained for many years have more material and spiritual value than other carpets.

Persian handcrafted carpets are recognized throughout the first world with superb quality and then with its unique map. Quality mainly refers to the number of nodes, the more nodes are, the better the carpet.To assess the quality of wool or silk in Iran, the color used and the symmetry and accuracy of the map are also considered.The most common Persian rugs are seven in ten feet, eight in twelve feet and ten in thirteen feet. Each of these standard sizes has a specific name.

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